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Saturday May. 30 2015

Cxense (pronounced see•sense) is a global software company founded by a team of software and internet media leaders who share a passion for delivering innovative and intuitive solutions that help companies understand their audience and build great online user experiences.

The number of people with internet access is still growing rapidly all over the world. People are also accessing the internet more frequently, from home, at work, as well as on the go, and are connecting with an increasing number of people through social networks, using a range of devices such as PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and internet-connected TVs. As a result, the amount of information and content being consumed online is exploding.

All of this big data is a huge challenge both for individuals, who have different needs depending on the situation they are in, and for companies, who want to interact with their audience through personalized, intuitive and effective online user experiences.

People and context

After having worked with many of the leading consumer-oriented companies across the world since the second half of the 1990s, we know first hand how difficult it is to effectively engage with customers online. To be able to create great user experiences, we believe understanding people and what they really want in their particular circumstances is key. We define this as the context, i.e., the combination of many variables such as time and place, device, role, preferences, content, intention, event, activity and so on.

The way we collect, analyze, combine and leverage the understanding of a person’s context is what we in short refer to as extraordinary insight. We provide a suite of unified and connected solutions that our customers and partners can leverage to effectively engage with their online audience.

At Cxense we have the ambitious goal of understanding what people really want so that we can make the world of information easier to navigate. Understanding what people really want and providing extraordinary insight is not easy. It demands advanced solutions. We are the best in the world in capturing and analyzing the context in which content is consumed and produced; the context in which entities and concepts are used within the content; and perhaps most importantly, the context of the users themselves.

In other words, we provide extraordinary insight into the online audience by considering the complete context so that you can deliver the right piece of information, be it an advertisement or content, to the right user at the right time, and on any device.


Our Mission

Understand better than anyone what people want, and deliver contextual and networked monetization services with the most relevant user experience.

At Cxense we are committed to being leaders in delivering on-demand software (SaaS) products that help our customers provide superior user experiences, and effectively monetize their online properties.

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