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Monday Apr. 27 2015

Digital advertising is the fastest growing area in advertising globally, and now constitutes more than 20% of the overall market, second only to TV. Furthermore, the digital-advertising spend is expected to double from $100 to $200 billion over the next 7-8 years.

While this constitutes a great opportunity for online media companies and publishers all over the world, there is also increased competition for online advertising spend, and the demands from advertisers are ever growing, resulting in an increasingly complex online advertising market.

Not only is there a demand for advertising across all kinds of devices, such as computers, mobile phones, tablets, there is also an increasing need for all types of online advertising formats, ranging from simple text advertising, display advertising, via image and banner advertising, to dynamic video and rich-media advertising formats.
On top of this, advertisers also want to purchase online and mobile advertising using different business models, ranging from the conventional fixed-price tenancy or sponsorship models, via impression-based (CPM) models, over to more advanced performance advertising (CPC and CPA) models.

The demand from advertisers to gain more efficiency from their advertisements has also driven the need for publishers to offer various forms of audience segmentation and targeted advertising, ranging from the opportunity to target based on content (e.g., based on a section of a news publication), via device (i.e. desktop, tablet or mobile advertising), location, time-of-day, and other contexts of the users, to more advanced end-user-related aspects, such as user interests and intent, demographics, etc.

Besides the increased complexity driven by advertiser demands, the advertising market is seeing the rise of a range of intermediaries, or “middle-men”, who have positioned themselves in the middle of the advertising value chain between the advertisers and ad agencies on the one side and the publishers on the other.

These intermediaries have introduced third-party ad networks and exchanges, trying to gain value for themselves, but typically at the expense of the publisher or media company. As a key part of this picture, one also see dominant global players that are entering the market and trying to control it on their own terms.

Given the significant complexity and strong competition from global players and intermediaries, there is a need for an independent technology player that empowers media companies and publishers to obtain a stronger strategic position and provide the advanced mobile & online advertising services that are required for publishers to gain advertising market share.

A problem with existing commodity advertising solutions is that they only support a small subset of what is needed, which means that publishers would have to license and integrate a large number of systems and modules. This is demanding on resources, expensive and ineffective from an advertising-yield perspective.

If your business depends on online or mobile advertising revenues, whether you are a publisher or a media company, chances are that the Cxense Advertising solution is what you have been looking for. Cxense Advertising is a ready-to-go SaaS solution that you can put your own name on and start customizing from day one. Cxense Advertising is versatile, dynamic and ideally suited to power just about any online advertising scenario, anywhere in the world, as proven by the more than 3,000 publisher sites including mobile, around the world that are already powered by Cxense technology.

Want to learn more? Watch this 6-minute demo video on how audience insight can be used to deliver the right content to the right readers at the right time for more information contact us.

3D Advertising

  • Faced with a plethora of online ads, many consumers have developed ‘banner blindness,’ with lots of consumers admitting they largely ignore online display ads or find them irrelevant. The resulting challenge for publishers and advertisers is to find ad formats that engage viewers without disrupting the user experience. Cxense’s 3D ads enable products and images to rotate and ‘pop’ off the screen, without annoying flashing, expanding or unwanted sound effects. It is a subtle yet distinct way to capture reader interest (using any type of device). Displaying three-dimensional ads adds a premium feel to sites, and showcases the brands using this unique format.

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Publisher-Controlled Ad Exchange and RTB

  • Are advertisers and ad agencies requesting the opportunity to bid for advertising inventory on your online and mobile sites? Are there third-party intermediaries wanting to monetize your site traffic, but you would rather control the site monetization yourself? By working with Cxense you can take control by offering your online and mobile advertising inventory to advertisers and agencies through a publisher-controlled ad exchange. This not only means that you maximize your overall advertising revenues, but you will also minimize audience data leakage to external networks, avoiding revenue erosion to low-cost third-party ad exchanges.

Performance Advertising

  • Are you seeing an opportunity to attract advertisers focused on conversion? Then Cxense performance-based advertising offers you the opportunity to offer a range of advertising products, ranging from cost-per-click (CPC) advertising to cost-per-action (CPA), where the "action" may be that a user registers, a call is made to a directory service, or any other action appropriate for your advertisers. Performance-based advertising also works very well across networks of publishers, including directory and classifieds publishers, as well as news content publishers.

Mobile and In-App Advertising

  • Are you seeing mobile and tablet usage exploding? Do you have demand for mobile web and/or mobile in-app advertising that you are not able to effectively fulfill? While some advertisers still may lack a little when it comes to allocating budget to mobile advertising, it is crucial for publishers to position themselves for effective mobile monetization. Cxense works with leading publishers around the world, offering both mobile web and in-app mobile advertising. Applications ranges from directory services to regular mobile news.

Video and Rich Media Advertising

  • Are you seeing significant growth in opportunities related to online video consumption? Then you are in a good position: There is a huge demand for video advertising, and by working with Cxense you can support dynamic video and rich media advertising across both your web and mobile properties.

Publisher-Controlled Ad Network (PCAN)

  • Are you seeing an opportunity to partner with other publishers to aggregate traffic and audiences so that you offer additional advertising products to the market place? Cxense works with hundreds of publishers around the world that have decided to form publisher-controlled advertising networks. These networks offer both targeted display advertising products, as well as performance-based (CPC) advertising. Publishers see the great benefits in collaborating to increase the advertising yield for performance-based ad models, where auction-based cost models drive additional revenues for the publishers.