Personalized Content Recommendations

Saturday May. 30 2015

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Providing extraordinary insight into your audience, regardless of their device, is what we do. Personalized content recommendations are what this enables you to do this – adding tremendous value to your audiences and your advertisers.

Your personalized content strategy will be matched with the interests and objectives of your audience groups. We are able to do this via our Extraordinary Insight Engine (EIE), which collects and analyzes context, user data, behaviour, trends, external data, demographical data, historical data and many other data sources.

We look at meanings, not just words.

Our customers see an immediate increase in page views of 3-5 percent, and this is just for starters. We are still pushing the limits of what can be achieved through tuning personalized content recommendations.

An immediate increase in page views, time spent on the site and lower bounce rates will increase advertising revenue, sales revenue, average order value and cross sales potential. These effects are also a clear indicator of improved user experiences that in time will rapidly increase your overall traffic.

The effects will provide a competitive edge when attracting advertisers. The same Extraordinary Insight Engine provides insights into audiences, improving targeting and increasing hit rates.

So what do you have to do? We do not want to make you take a dive into a pit of heavy investments. Our cloud-based model ensures a highly cost effective and scalable implementation. Our customers keep their data, thereby ensuring a competitive advantage. They do not share with anyone, not even us.

Want to learn more? Watch this 6-minute in-depth demo video on how audience insight can be used to deliver the right content to the right readers at the right time. For more information contact us.


Personalized Content Recommendations

  • Increase content delivery, exposure & consumption

    By being able to direct the users to the right content, publishers are able to address the increasing problem of having most of the traffic in areas where ads are sold out or eCPM is low and highly valuable content is not monetized. Cxense Content Recommendation Services give the publisher full control to direct the user to the right content, using behavioural, contextual, trending and collaborative analysis. Our unique ability to deliver relevant content recommendations in any shape or form results in significant increase in consumption for our customers.

Topic Pages

  • Expose more content

    Users tend to consume a significant amount of content they are interested in. Topic pages are a highly efficient method of dynamically grouping content to facilitate increased exposure of content directly or indirectly related to a topic. Cxense topic pages benefit from our platform, creating a uniquely deep understanding of the user, the content and other relevant contexts, as well as several technologies for analyzing, retrieving and recommending content.

Personalized Content

  • Improve the user experience

    Users today are increasingly choosing the content they are reading from a multitude of sources and based on their interests. Part of the challenge for publishers is to keep users on their site whether it is open or subscription based. Personalization exposes the true value of the content by delivering it to the right user. It helps users stay longer on the site and consume more content. Cxense enables personalized content and services on several levels, ranging from grouping users with similar interests and delivering relevant content based on personas, to completely personalized news portals. The personalization can be both implicit and explicit, as well as social, and works equally well on third-party content.

Publisher-Controlled Content Delivery Network

  • Extend the reach of your content

    To achieve more control of the digital value chain, publishers are forming content delivery networks. They become independent of third-party networks and combine their strengths to improve the user experience for the end user. Cxense's comprehensive platform enables both pure content distribution to improve the user experience as well as increase traffic and monetization through targeted ads. Content distribution is also deployed on sites belonging to the same publisher. Due to the rich capabilities in relevant content delivery, including behavioural, contextual, collaborative/social and trending, content distribution from Cxense is highly effective.