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Monday Apr. 21 2014

EmediateAd is the Ad Serving solution that boosts the revenue of your online ads through:

  • Semantic Targeting: Maximize campaign performance by displaying ads most relevant to surrounding content – and elevate your CPM
  • In-Screen Measurements: Available only in EmediateAd! Learn which ads your visitors actually see and gain a higher CPM
  • Multiple platforms: Be attractive to agencies/advertisers by offering display ads, video ads and mobile ads
  • Forecasting: See into the future – and optimize your campaigns accordingly with the industry’s most precise Forecasting. Result: sell out your entire inventory – and obtain a higher CPM
  • Flexible API: Save money and optimize your workflow with one corporate solution – just jack your CMS, CRM and finance system right into EmediateAd
  • Brand Protection: Protect your advertisers’ brands from being displayed next to controversial content

…and to top it all off, we made EmediateAd speak your language (English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Swedish and Finnish).

Extensive support: Save money, time – and headaches

EmediateAd is backed up by our industry-leading support. This means that we safeguard your campaigns – and save you the money of non-performing ads.

In fact, we believe that our technology only stands for 50% of our business. The other 50% is us supporting you and your online business.


Get higher revenue. Deliver campaigns precisely. Optimize your workflow. Offer video, mobile and display ads. Protect your campaigns – and leave the trouble to us!

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