Web Analytics Software by Cxense

Saturday Nov. 22 2014

Understanding behaviour is more than mathematics!

You want to know as much as possible about your audience, extracting as much relevant information as you need to create the optimal user experience and distribute highly effective ads, regardless of device.

At the same time, you want to secure this information for yourself and your customers, maintaining a competitive advantage. Let the competition buy web traffic data straight from the tap via Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

We did not want to settle for tap-data or canned information off the shelf. Instead we wanted to create something very different, something that enables our customers to stand out. This is possible when combining real-time web stats, historical data and other data sources in to a single web analytics package. This big data approach is the key to unlocking extraordinary insights.

All you do is add a simple and small code snippet to your webpages. Our Extraordinary Insight Engine takes care of creating anonymized profiles, that enable specific user sessions with automatically optimized content and ads.

You can also use our solution when testing new alternatives with real-time monitoring and web analytics through our user-friendly dashboard. The result is instant gratification and extraordinary insight into response, trends and audience clusters.

Want to learn more? Watch this 6-minute demo video on how audience insight can be used to deliver the right content to the right readers at the right time or Contact Us today to find out how our web traffic analytics software can help you gain Extraordinary Insights in to your website statistics.