Cxense Search

Wednesday May. 27 2015
Searching for revenue? Search is more than typing in text and receiving suggested items and information. It is the process by which you as a content provider help identify the needs of the searcher and make relevant suggestions based on history, context and actions based on similar searches.

Contact Cxense here.Good search results drive revenue and page views.We claim that search starts before a single key is pressed. The searcher’s previous page views define the context. The search interface greeting can be personalized, inspiring the audience.The search will also fuel your Extraordinary Insight Engine, which provides valuable information to your advertisers, increasing conversion rates, reducing cost and increasing their revenue.

Site Search

  • Guide Customers to Relevant Pages

    Do you want to create engaging search experiences, making prospects and customers find what they are looking for? You will get access to a full featured, scalable search engine, supporting both structured and unstructured data. The customer’s personal interests can affect the search results to make them even more relevant. We pull, analyze, and make new content searchable automatically, as soon as you publish the content. Use our reports to understand what people are searching for, and continuously optimize your website.

Directory and Commerce Search

  • Guide Consumers to Relevant Products

    Do you want to let customers quickly find the vendors and products they are looking for, and avoiding unnecessary distractions that can prevent them from completing a purchase? Our search engine provides immediate access to relevant products. Faceted navigation allows consumers to effectively filter down search results. The consumer’s previous purchases and personal interests can impact the search results to make them even more relevant. Going beyond the search box, you can use search to drive navigation and product display across the different product categories. Product information is fetched from search, and displayed using page templates. Using search instead of a database to drive product pages, provides additional options for relevance and promotions. The end result is an engaging and responsive user experience with highly relevant products.