We know your audience. But what do you know about us?

We’re Cxense. We revolutionize individual online customer experiences to increase your digital revenue. With our insight, we make experiences memorable, relevant, and engaging.

We’re a Norwegian innovation success story, founded by a team of bright engineers and industry insiders in 2010. Many of them came from a company called FAST, which was sold to Microsoft for 1.2bn USD in 2008. 

To celebrate the sale, some of the ex-FAST team went on a cabin trip. 

They gathered high up in the Norwegian mountains to discuss a vision they shared for a new company (and to do some skiing, of course).

After working day and night on their vision, they came up with their idea: to create the ultimate tool for website owners to know what their audience wants, and deliver on that promise. 

It was a vision defined by no longer needing to search for relevancy, but relevancy finding you.

A vision about people, not companies; about aspiration, intent and individuality. About memorable experiences delivered to an engaged individual.

The company grew rapidly and now tracks more than two billion user profiles on behalf of more than 190 customers globally, on more than 17,500 sites, all in real-time.

Today, we help businesses succeed in a digital world. Using audience data and AI-powered real-time analytics, we create hyper-relevant content recommendations and a personalized user experience that helps you increase your digital revenue and build a sustainable digital business model. 

We work with brands such as The Wall Street Journal, Penske Media Corporation, Euronews, Aeon, Lifull, Mediahuis, Winnipeg Free Press, Grupo Clarin, NBC Universal, and many more. 

15 billion

Personalized touchpoints

2 billion

User profiles


Customers across the globe

We create memorable experiences for your users. Here are ours...

We unlock the power of data  so that our clients can build personal,  profitable customer relationships. Our goal is to use data to deliver what they want to increase your digital revenue. This is our story.


FAST was sold to Microsoft for $1.2b. Some of the ex-FAST team had a big idea and decided that the Norwegian mountains were a good place to get started. 


The initial team met in the mountains with a big idea to know better than anyone else what people want. Cxense was founded on 10 February 2010.


Cxense offices opened in Japan and the United States of America. 
The first global team meeting took place mid-2011.


Cxense wins the Red Herring Business in Technology global award. The Red Herring awards highlight the most exciting startups and their technology across multiple industries. In 2013, Cxense acquired Emediate, the Nordic’s largest ad serving company for $10m.


Cxense listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2014. And then in 2015 acquired the leading ad optimization company Maxifier as well as Ramp Media in a $10m deal to bring enhanced video data, analytics, and tracking to the core Cxense offering. 


Cxense acquires Enreach and ads socio-demographic segmentation capabilities to its offering. Today we have offices around the globe, enabling 200 customers to use data so they can better engage their audience and monetize their content. Two billion user profiles. 17,500 sites. All in real-time.