Belgian data alliance DaviD and Cxense nominated for Digiday Media Awards Europe

22 Mar 2019 | By Tobias Arns

We are delighted that DaviD, the Digital Alliance on Valuable Inventory and Data, and Cxense are nominated for the Digiday Media Awards Europe in the categories "Publisher Platform of the Year" and "Best use of Audience Data".

Three leading Belgian publishers - IPM, Produpress, and Pebble Media - created DaviD as an alternative to global ad platforms. The alliance offers a one-stop shop for brands and agencies, a complete programmatic ecosystem that showcases local publishers’ strengths - namely strong brand recognition, an on-the-ground understanding of local audiences, and support staff that nurtures personal relationships with advertisers. DaviD’s network, running Cxense DMP as its data engine, comprises 120 websites with 260 million page views and 20 million unique visitors. The media network available to advertisers for programmatic buying consists of 200 websites, manages 6 billion bid requests each month and reaches 30 million unique visitors. Read more about the cooperation between DaviD and Cxense here.

Digiday announced the shortlist of candidates in 24 categories yesterday. The winners will be announced at the Digiday Media Awards Europe Gala in London on May 9.