Breakfast Seminar with Exressen in Stockholm - What Makes or Breaks a Successful Reader Revenue Model?

14 May 2019 | By Tobias Arns


There's a sea change in the media industry as publishers are betting on digital subscriptions to compensate declining ad revenues and become more independent from global platforms. In line with this trend, Expressen recently launched its premium model that offers exclusive content and other benefits.

Join us for this breakfast seminar with Dan Edström, Head of Commercial at Expressen Premium and David Gosen, Cxense CCO to discuss how publishers are refining their strategies to compete for paying subscribers and the best practices that will define the subscription revenue winners of the future.

Where: Helio Kungsholmen "DN Skrapan", Rålambsvägen 17, 112 59 Stockholm

When: Tuesday, 28 May 2019, 8.30 - 10.00

Why you should join:

  • Lessons learned from the launch of Expressen Premium and their latest performance figures
  • How internal operations at Expressen are benefitting from their premium offering
  • How to monetize the vast majority that doesn't subscribe - balance subscription and ad revenues
  • Understand the value of 1st party data for a successful subscription strategy