Build better eCommerce customer experiences with personalization

30 May 2017 | By Tobias Arns


Online competition between brands becomes more fierce every day and this battle for brand loyalty will just continue to gather momentum. The only way brands can differentiate themselves now is with relevant and memorable customer experiences.

A better customer experience = a stronger brand

The face of personalization is changing. It’s about creating a seamless, compelling and relevant online experience between touch points. Without consistency, you’ll fail to create brand loyalty.

If your eCommerce app promotes a pair of headphones on its homepage but your customer has already bought them from your website, you’re not personalizing across channels successfully.

This will hurt the relationship with your customers and they’ll be likely to take their business elsewhere. Your online platforms, as well as the data you collect from them, need to be talking to one another. All the time.

Customer segmentation and the eCommerce conversion funnel

The future of personalization will be shaped by the relevance of a customer’s journey. The customer experience has to be seamless across every touch point and channel – consumers are no longer single channel; they use a range of different devices in different circumstances.

eCommerce operators are likely to follow the lead of pure players, such as Amazon, when it comes to product recommendations and tailored online user journeys across all devices.

But these days, focusing only on recommendations means you’re already a step behind. You need to tailor the customer journey across all devices, and personalize your product recommendations, articles, or loyalty club offers from the get go.

A very tailored customer experience

Online home and fashion retailer,, says that it is now able to create 1.2 million versions of its homepage so that consumers are directed to products and online experiences that are entirely relevant to them. Ask yourself this: Can your customer start shopping on your app while they’re commuting from work and then seamlessly continue shopping using their laptop when they arrive home?

This relevance paves the way for success in the future. Relevance needs to extend beyond product recommendations. This includes blogs, buyer guides, videos and product reviews tailored to your customers’ preferences.

eCommerce brands have a growing responsibility, now and in the future, to deliver unique and consistent digital experiences across every touchpoint that talk to each individual shopper in real-time.