Cxense Acquires Enreach and Strengthens Its Offering for Publishers

21 Apr 2018 | By Tobias Arns

On April 18, 2018, Cxense announced the acquisition of Enreach, its most important strategic partner in Europe. Enreach helps publishers create audiences that are relevant and valuable to advertisers. Their solution fuses behavioral and semantic online data with demographic data from market research into audience profiles and allows targeting highly accurate segments. The acquisition considerably strengthens Cxense’s ability to offer bespoke segmenting and reporting capabilities to publishers and helps them  increase the value of their audience inventory.

“Over the past year we have seen proof that the combination of Cxense and Enreach is an extremely strong offering for publishers. I am convinced that our customers will strongly benefit from the joint offering because of Enreach’s impressive machine learning-based technology and their years of experience in gathering high-quality data for demographic segments”, says Christian Printzell Halvorsen, Cxense CEO.

Cxense and Enreach have worked closely together since the two companies formed a partnership in early 2017. The combined Cxense-Enreach technology is therefore already deployed and proven in several joint customers projects. “Incorporating Enreach’s technology and expertise is envisaged to fuel Cxense’s growth capabilities because it allows us to significantly raise the competitiveness of our DMP towards publishers,” Printzell Halvorsen continues.

Enreach’s CEO, Kimmo Kiviluoto, who will join the Cxense leadership team, will lead the integration work in the coming months. “During the past year, we have built very good and solid work relations between Enreach and Cxense. The partnership has significantly benefited both companies, as well as our joint customers. We have proven that our products, skills and company cultures complement each other in a great way and I very much look forward to working together even closer,” says Kimmo Kiviluoto, Enreach CEO.

The joint offering significantly enhances possibilities for Cxense customers to better understand their audiences, monetize their content, and add value to their advertising inventory. Among the new features and solutions are:

  • Ready-to-use socio-demographic segments based on age, gender, household income, education level, employment status etc.

  • Ready-to-use interest segments, e.g. an audience’s propensity to buy certain products or services, based on panel data and surveys

  • Audience radar, tracks the effectiveness of the ads a site carries and demonstrates to advertisers how the audience has engaged with them

  • Campaign reporting, automatically generates reports on the effectiveness of audience-targeted campaigns

Enreach has nine employees in Helsinki (Finland) and Lviv (Ukraine) who will join the Cxense team. Finalization of the transaction is subject to customary conditions, including approval of the transaction by the Board of Directors of Cxense. The transaction is expected to be completed during April 2018. Read the full stock exchange notice here.