Cxense Customers Share Success Stories at Breakfast Meeting in Oslo

16 Apr 2018 | By Tobias Arns

It is always fun listening to your customers talk about their positive experiences with you and your products. Imagine how flattered we were at our recent Breakfast Meeting at Cxense headquarters in Oslo on "The Intelligent Data Layer - Create Value and Optimize the Digital Customer Journey". There, among others Norsk Tipping and Polaris Media, shared their success stories on data-driven personalized user experience and content recommendation in the fully booked auditorium.

The Breakfast Meeting was co-hosted by our partner Platform 161 who shared their vision for driving innovation in the adtech space. Thanks for the great cooperation, guys!

Polaris Media benefits greatly from data-driven content recommendations

Jørgen Frøland from Polaris Media, shared his experience with using behavioral data and algorithms to better understand reader preferences and publishing the content they might enjoy. "Making the shift to data-driven content recommendations has been a big success story for Polaris Media. It has given our outlets a much more focused and personalized user experience. Something both readers and advertisers appreciate,” Frøland said. He feels that in the future, the role of journalists and editors will focus even more on how the big, important topics, where context and background are important, can be best presented to an audience. Much of the day-to-day content selection and personalized presentation on news sites, however, could be taken care of by data-driven algorithms. "At Polaris Media, we plan to expand our use of Cxense in order to understand even better how readers are using our sites and create an even more personalized user experience. Based on this insight we want to introduce a data-driven publishing approach for all of our outlets, so that editors can use as much automation as they wish", Frøland concludes.

Norsk Tipping to start using behavioral data for our own programmatic ad buying

Jon-Hroar Nordstrøm from Norsk Tipping, the state-owned gambling provider in Norway, focused on how his company uses Cxense to analyze their website user and customer behaviour in order to reach strategic goals. Embedding user behaviour analysis into strategic decision making has taken data-driven thinking at Norsk Tipping to a whole new level. A while ago, the company introduced a partially customized start page - both for desktop and mobile - based on the data generated by website users and logged-in customers. The plan was to optimize their most valuable page by minimizing the space used for non-targeted content. "Our base of 2 Million customers and 100% registered games in combination with the Cxense platform gives us a very solid fundament for data-based decisions," says Nordstrøm. "Norsk Tipping is about to start a new initiative where we use the data we have on our customers using our sites and servces for our own programmatic ad buying. Once this is up and running, ads from Norsk Tipping will not be shown to users that are already playing in the advertised segment or those we do not want to encourage to gamble more,” Nordstrøm explains.

After a few hours of engaging discussions it turned out everyone could agree on yet another important aspect: When you start your journey of turning raw data into a value-adding resource, do not make it too big a project in the beginning. Start with the low hanging fruits instead, experiment a bit to get to know your users, get some tangible results - then use those to get management support for larger, more long-term initiatives.