Cxense DMP Now With Even More User-Friendly Segments Overview

05 Jul 2018 | By Tobias Arns

Powerful tools to create, manage and apply audience segments have always been one of the core strengths of Cxense DMP. To make working with Cxense DMP even more efficient, we have now significantly improved the segment overview screen. With improved user-friendliness in mind, we added a few nifty features that enable you to create value from audience segments in a more convenient way: 

  1. Segment status and key metrics such as audience size and coverage are now available directly in the segment list. Having this data available at a glance saves time and allows for direct segment comparison.

  2. Conveniently filter and sort the segment list by name or description, status, audience coverage, and type - helps you find the segments you’re looking for much quicker.

    Cxense Segments Overview Screen

  3. Clicking on a segment opens the new segment summary widget. This summary provides key data about the selected segment at a glance, including an overview of the segment’s export history to your partners.

    Cxense Segment Widget

The new features are explained in detail in the Cxense Customer Support and Help Center (login required). 

The new and improved segments overview is now available to all Cxense users. You can activate the new experience after logging in to Cxense DMP. Don’t worry - if you find out you liked the old one better you will still be able to use it for a while.

This upgrade to the audience segments overview is the first part of a major redesign of the Cxense DMP Segments tab. As a Cxense customer you can look forward to several user interface improvements and feature upgrades during the course of this year.