Cxense gives customers more options with recent integrations

13 Sep 2016 | By Tobias Arns

We recently completed an integration with LiveRamp, the leading provider of data connectivity and onboarding services, and part of Acxiom Corp (NASDAQ: ACXM), one of the world’s biggest data providers. It is one more way Cxense is providing the data connectivity our clients need to improve customer interactions through multiple channels and across numerous devices. This LiveRamp announcement comes on the heels of other recent integrations, which brings  the total connectivity for Cxense DMP to more that 300 digital marketing platforms and data providers.
The LiveRamp platform integrates customer data into targeting, measurement and personalization products developed by its partners. This helps eliminate data silos and increases marketing efficiency – all while keeping customer privacy and security a priority. 
With this partnership, Cxense customers can use LiveRamp to onboard offline data sets and connect their first-party Cxense data to any of the 300 digital marketing platforms in LiveRamp’s partnership program. This new data onboarding ability complements Cxense’s own customer sign-in-based offline-to-online identity matching and subsequent anonymized offline data integration.
The partnership will also enable customers to augment their first-party data with available third-party data across the entire LiveRamp connected ecosystem, so publishers can target consumers with even greater precision.
This integration continues the momentum of our recent server-to-server (S2S) integrations, including one with Google’s DoubleClick Data Platform (DDP). DDP is a DoubleClick service that acts as a central server-side connection to DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), DoubleClick Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) services, all global market leaders in their categories.
The S2S integration between Cxense DMP and Google DDP allows customers to seamlessly make first-party data segments available to any DBM, DFP or AdX customer globally, opening up potentially valuable new revenue streams from first-party data sales.
Cxense marketing customers can now also optimize their own advertising spend on DBM with their own first-party data. This lets customers execute campaigns that offer the most personalized and relevant ad experience possible, generating the highest conversion rates.
In addition to improving third-party integrations with global digital marketing and advertising platforms, Cxense is also extending its integration support for regional market leaders such as SuperShip (Japanese DSP) and Platform 161 (European DSP).
All this news highlights Cxense’s commitment to improving integrations with third-party systems like leading DSPs to provide our customers with the tools they need to get the full value of their valuable first-party data. In the coming months, Cxense will continue building on these announcements to provide tighter and more valuable integrations with leading providers across the globe.
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