Every marketer’s dream: Single Customer View (SCV)

22 Nov 2017 | By Tobias Arns

Though SCV is undoubtedly not a novelty amongst marketing technologists, those who believe to have solved for true single customer view across channels and end-user devices remain very few in numbers. Moreover, belief does not always equal reality.

With strides in cross-device identity and offline customer record matching (which started with offline data onboarding) done by progressive DMPs, this category of enterprise software has a very strong hold on becoming the customer journey analytics module that connects the handful 'systems of record' data with the plethora of 'systems of engagement' data, and fuses these for a genuine single customer view across both customer attributes from 'records' as well as from 'engagement' across channels and across devices.

Already equipped with (i) real-time updating scaled ecosystem cookie match tables, deterministic and probabilistic cross-device graphs, and deterministic external offline identity (CRM file, EMS record, SSO token) matching capabilities on identity management side, combined with (ii) pixel, UTM parameter, and S2S log file-based campaign performance event ingestion capabilities on customer engagement tracking side, these select progressive DMPs are perfectly positioned to providing marketers with a path to genuine SCV. It should also be noted that when instrumenting a DMP for SCV, the same architecture can be applied for SPV (Single Prospect View) when using a cross-device cookie-less identity DMP (of course such prospect profiles lack a persistent offline record association, hence remain volatile.)

Last, whilst perhaps not the most intuitive of all things, the upcoming changes in EU regulation (GDPR) is providing a much-needed catalyst for true SCV to materialize at scale. As a set of data laws that force marketers to take stock of data and bridge system silos, the GDPR will inherently solve key data challenges and help them build the SCV picture they’ve always wanted. This SCV development also underscores the shift that has already taken place practically across all DMPs taking data handling from the granularity of segments to real-time updating individual 1:1 user profiles.

So whether you are thinking about your SCV project or your DMP project — we strongly urge you to start considering these as two sides of the same coin, rather than two parallel projects. After all, how much is a single customer view worth to you if it does not contain all the digital engagement events (ad impressions, page views, on-site actions, etc), as well as connections across all of a consumers’ digital devices? All things which the DMP has long ago offered a robust solution for; thus offering a solid foundation for SCV ambitions.

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