The future’s so bright, these students have to wear shades

10 Apr 2017 | By Tobias Arns

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting 124 bright-eyed students from the Norwegian Technical University (NTNU) Industrial Economics & Technology Management Master program — in Tokyo.  They were on a weeklong study trip, learning about Japan, sniffing the cherry blossoms and getting a feel for international business. As a Norwegian company with a fast-growing local office in Tokyo, we jumped at the chance to meet the group.

As our Global Head of HR, I kicked off the event with an introduction to Cxense (and a group selfie) before the students got a deeper dive into Cxense technology.  Once the opening acts were over, our General Manager of Japan Ryoichi Egawa took the stage.

Cxense GM Japan Ryoichi Egawa

Business, culture and kareoke

Egawa-san shared his unique reflections on the similarities and differences between Norwegians and Japanese, after having worked with Norwegians for many years. He talked about Japanese business culture and how common customer dinners are – followed by karaoke of course, which he encouraged the students to try while in Tokyo!

Committed to a long-term vision

He went on to highlight how Cxense’s commitment to the company founding vision from 2010 has been one of the key ingredients for success in Japan:

To know better than anyone what people want and to enable our customers to use that insight to engage and monetize their audience

All companies need revenue to survive, but Cxense’s loyalty to a long term vision in a market that changes rapidly has been a key differentiator.  And a committment to working in close partnership with customers is a unique position for Cxense in Japan.

Infobahn and Mediagene CEO Motoko Imada

A dive into digital marketing in Japan

After a short break, the stage was handed over to Motoko Imada, the CEO of Infobahn and Mediagene: the digital publisher of 12 well known Japanese sites such as Gizmodo, Glitty and most recently a localized version of Business Insider.

Working in the field since the early 90s, Imada-san was able to share some unique perspectives on the evolution of digital marketing in Japan. She explained to the students why it’s important to first harness audience data and the use that data to create better digital user experiences and increase revenue.  In the case of Gizmodo – a site with 7.4M unique users and 60M pageviews per month – they were able to increase conversions by an incredible 36% by using targeted marketing.

Into the Tokyo night

I personally learned a lot from the session, and I’m sure the students were inspired by Japan, digital marketing, innovative tech and Cxense.  Not to mention the boundless opportunities that lay ahead of them as they headed out into the Tokyo night with their Cxense sunglasses, in search of a karaoke joint where they could try out Egawa-sans recommended favourite tune: “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi.