How to build a rockstar personalization team

06 Apr 2017 | By Tobias Arns

Marketers are realizing that loyalty today is non-existent and customers will happily float from one brand to the next. The Internet has made pricing transparent, and savvy marketers know they need a new way to differentiate. More and more of you are turning to personalization to deliver a unique digital experience to every one of your customers.

In the past, marketers have shied away from what at first looks like a difficult and highly technical process. Thankfully, new approaches and technologies — and experienced personalization vendors like Cxense — are making things easier.

But, you’ll still need an internal team to champion personalization in your company.  We’ve worked with hundreds of clients to implement personalization projects, and have learned a few things along the way. Here are a few tips to help you build a successful personalization team:

#1. Choose a personalization evangelist within the organization

This will probably be someone from the digital marketing team or they could be from the wider marketing department. This person will act as a link between different areas of the business, explaining how personalization works, how it will change the way they work and making sure everyone buys in to the process.

#2. Create a cross-functional team to work with your vendor

Draw executives from different areas of the business – sales, operations, marketing, digital, business intelligence and finance. This team will meet the technology provider to provide critical input at the first stages of the project, and discuss how their departments can benefit from personalization.

#3. Work tightly with your vendor every step of the way

Treat your personalization partner as an extension of your internal team.  Share all the information they'll need to understand all the touchpoints you have with your users and what your goals are, so you can work together to create a seamless experience across your website and mobile apps.

#4. Create a dedicated team with the right mix of skills

Once the plan is in place, you'll need to execute. Be sure to pull together a task team with the competence you need to succeed, including data, content creation, analytics and financial measurement. 

#5. Don't forget about the content

You'll need plenty of relevant content to fuel successful personalization. You need to pay attention to the content your customers are reading, how, and when.  And remember, effective personalization isn't always about creating more content – it can be just as much about taking the content you already have and putting it to work.