Integrating Cxense DMP with Third-Party Platforms Will Soon Be Even Easier

12 Oct 2018 | By Tobias Arns

At Cxense, we are committed to provide you with the leading Data Management Platform with Intelligent Personalization. We know that it's often a DMP's ability to integrate with other platforms that enables you to monetize your valuable first-party data. Therefore we are excited to announce that integrating Cxense DMP with third-party marketing and advertising providers will soon become even more efficient and easier.

During the weeks to come, we are going to roll out “Connectivity Hub” to all Cxense customers. Connectivity Hub is a powerful new tool within Cxense DMP that manages integrations with ad servers, DSPs/SSPs and other systems. It will replace the existing “Connections” feature. We will begin with the most popular integrations: Adform, AppNexus, Google DFP, and flat file export. We'll migrate all other integrations step by step.

Cxense Connectivity Hub

Integrations overview in the new Cxense Connectivity Hub

The main benefits of Connectivity Hub for Cxense customers:

  • Newly designed intuitive user interface

  • New Match Rate feature, provides detailed reports on existing integrations, allows defining actual segment sizes on integrated platforms

  • New overview and status page makes monitoring existing integrations even more convenient

  • Flat file export now more powerful and flexible, suitable for all common export needs

  • Overall enhanced performance

The new features are explained in detail in the Cxense Customer Support and Help Center (login required).