Point, click and personalize with the new Cxense Content Creator Wizard

02 Dec 2016 | By Tobias Arns

With personalized recommendations on your sites, you can drive engagement and conversions by matching your content and products to individual user interests.  The new Content Creator Wizard (CCW) lets business users easily create new recommendation widgets in an easy-to-use visual editor – with no computer science degree required! 

Point, click and personalize

Create content widgets for typical front page and article placements, and you'll automatically get templates for best practice configurations. You can filter the content by categories, select among several visual templates, and tweak the settings to match the layout on your site.  Once you're happy, you can grab the tag and deploy the recommendations widgets to your website.

Cxense Content Creator Wizard

Cxense Content Creator Wizard


The CCW enables business users to create content recommendation widgets with no coding required. You'll be able to benefit from best practice configurations based on Cxense’s experience working with hundreds of publisher sites.  Once configured, you can easily cut and past widget embed codes onto your site.  The CCW is available as a main navigation option under the Cxense Content UI – why not give it a try today?