Say Hello to New Cxense Content

22 Jan 2019 | By Tobias Arns

90 percent of North American marketers say personalization contributes to business profitability. Our own clients agree -  engagement and conversion rates rise significantly when a site features personalized content and recommendations.

Cxense Content has long been a leading solution for targeted recommendations that enable you to tailor your site to user interests, drive additional traffic, and improve engagement.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of the new Cxense Content. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Completely new user interface based on the positive feedback we received on Conversion Engine: Create and manage personalized content modules in just a few easy steps
  • Machine learning-powered delivery of personalized content: This revolutionary feature automatically optimizes content modules for highest engagement, no need for manual tuning
  • Lifetime performance reporting for all new content modules: No more 30-day limit
  • Live preview: See how your module will appear on your site before deployment
  • Simplified and modernized deployment of modules into responsive pages
  • Real-time overview of all modules across all sites, including aggregated performance reports

New Cxense Content features module and content preview

Measure performance of your content modules with real-time reports

New and old Content available side by side

New and existing Content customers will get access to the new version automatically - look out for Content (Beta) in the launch bar. Because of the substantial changes, the previous version will be available side by side with the new one for several months, giving our clients enough time to prepare the migration. Content users can take a virtual tour explaining the new user interface and features upon logging in for the first time.

Cxense Content now based on same technology as Conversion Engine

The user interface and feature list might sound familiar to Conversion Engine users. This is because the new Cxense Content is based on the same technology and UI as Conversion Engine. Both solutions are now parts of an integrated platform for the personalized customer journey and aimed at increasing customer lifetime value. This means that once you’ve made the switch to the new version of Content, upgrading to Conversion Engine will be very easy.


Cxense Content now with user-friendly step-by-step interface known from Conversion Engine