Sharpen up your eCommerce conversion rates. And quickly!

30 Aug 2017 | By Tobias Arns

To show worthwhile ROI on personalization and increase conversion rates, eCommerce marketers need to put the shopper experience first by thinking about big data, cross-channel relevance and tailored product recommendations. But it all starts with the right strategy and the right people.

Wanna increase conversion rates? Start with the strategy.

  • Don’t wait to get started. Don’t hold off on getting started because you don’t have 100% clarity on exactly what you want to achieve. Start collecting data from day 1 and refine your goals and strategy based on that. Then you can identify the initial wins — like higher revenue per customer, higher value per sale, more site visitors more app downloads, loyalty program subscribers or something else — and grow from there.
  • Start small and build gradually. Begin with basic personalization, like product recommendations. Then gradually turn up the heat, adding in tailored content, customized offers, promotions and relevant advertising.  
  • Work with the right partner. Now don’t rush this part. You want a partner with a proven background in effective collection and analysis of user data, from tracking scripts on websites to storing data in a customer data platform. Your tech-savvy sidekick will be able to demonstrate real-time applications of personalization strategies.
  • Think omni-channel from day 1. A strong overarching strategy will depend upon user data from all the platforms and channels that visitors use to interact with your brand. So whether your customers are on a laptop, a mobile, or a tablet, or whether they’re more active on emails, or social media, you need to know, and you need to be there.
  • Be prepared to change the structure of your company. If you do it right, personalization will transform the way your business operates. The customer needs to be at the center of your business, as their actions will tie together data from every department of your operations, and across every communication channel you own.


But make sure you’ve got your team in place

  • Choose a personalization evangelist within your organization. This will be someone from the digital marketing team. This person will act as a link between different areas of the business, explaining how personalization works, and how it will change the way they work and affect their jobs.
  • Create a cross-functional team to work with the personalization provider. Draw executives from different areas of the business – sales, operations, marketing, digital, business intelligence and finance.
  • Work closely with your partner! The representative from the specialist personalization partner will help create a seamless experience across your website and your mobile app.
  • Create a dedicated team with the right mix of skills – data, content creation, analytics and financial measurement.
  • You will need plenty of relevant content to fuel successful personalization. You need to pay attention to the content your customers are reading, how, and when.