Watch the Webinar: The Wall Street Journal - A Year of Personalization

05 Sep 2018 | By Tobias Arns

Webinar - The Wall Street Journal:  A Year of Personalization

If you want to learn how The Wall Street Journal’s approach to its award winning subscription conversion has seen a 25 percent increase in subscriptions to over the course of one year, don't miss this webinar.

Chris Boyd, VP Product and Engineering at Dow Jones, presents how The Wall Street Journal and Cxense have developed a machine learning-powered dynamic paywall that helps showcasing the value of The Journal's world-class journalism to potential subscribers, increases conversions, and assists members in discovering engaging content and membership features.

Christian Printzell Halvorsen, Cxense CEO, highlights the growing importance of subscriptions and touches on how Cxense enables publishers to monetize insight into their audience’s behavior and preferences in order to increase subscription revenues.

Your key takeaways

  1. Complement ad revenues and offset the Google and Facebook effect by growing recurring revenues from subscriptions.
  2. Your own data is your most valuable resource. Be sure to monetize it!
  3. Understand your readers and sharpen your value proposition before building your two-stream advertising and subscription revenue model.
  4. Combining unique journalistic content with actionable audience insight, machine learning and a dynamic, personalized experience can yield sustainable subscription growth.
  5. No two people are the same, why should their experience be? Tailor your readers' experience to their interests and, most importantly, their likelihood to subscribe.
  6. Test, analyse and improve. It’s a virtuous growth cycle.


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