Watch the Webinar: If You Can’t Beat Them, Build an Alliance: How Publishers Team up to Grow Ad Revenues

14 Feb 2019 | By Tobias Arns

No one knows their readership like a local publisher - but global platforms are capturing the biggest share of ad budgets. To counter this imbalance, publishers across the globe have built data alliances. In Belgium for example, three publishers - IPM, Produpress, and Pebble Media - started DaviD, the Digital Alliance on Valuable Inventory and Data, to even the playing field with the Google-Facebook duopoly. 

In this webinar, Pieter Jadoul, Business Strategy and Development Director, Pebble Media / DaviD and David Gosen, Cxense CCO explain why data alliances will be transformational in 2019 and how DaviD makes it easier for advertisers to run effective campaigns and benefit from the strengths of local media brands.

Key takeaways:

  • 93 percent of webinar attendees said data alliance are very or fairly important for the publishing industry - a clear indication that alliances are gaining traction globally

  • Building trust, being transparent and compliant  is paramount for publishers and advertisers, data from "black boxes" is no longer acceptable for either side

  • Offering local support and expertise through a data alliance helps publishers differentiate themselves from global ad platforms

  • When starting a data alliance, getting a few big agencies committed early on will help you establish yourself in the market

  • As a publisher, your first-party data is your most important resource, be sure to get it out of silos and monetize it

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