Why is a Data Management Platform (DMP) such a game-changing tool for publishers?

27 Aug 2019 | By Tobias Arns

“Data management will be vital for creating compelling experiences that engage readers, serve them better, and turn them into subscribers.”

The world of publishing has been through some dramatic changes over the past half-decade. Media brands have realized that managing their customer data is the next big challenge. Data management will be vital for creating compelling experiences that engage readers, serve them better, and turn them into subscribers.

That’s why every media brand needs a data management platform (DMP). The data management platform not only stores data about customers but can process the information and put it to work by interacting with other software. Data collected by the DMP includes pages that users have viewed – revealing their interests, actions they’ve taken online, and ads they’ve clicked. This information can be mixed with offline data about purchases and customer service queries. 

By implementing Cxense’s out-of-the-box DMP, in the past twelve months, leading European media company Mediahuis has increased 25% CTR on re-targeted native advertising articles, 60% of native advertising readers converted on advertiser's site and 26% higher CTR than comparable non-targeted campaigns. 

Data management platform changes the way a business is run

Getting to know your customers is the most important thing you can do in business. Learning about their wishes and thoughts, their desires and intentions, their needs and aspirations is the key to offering them the products and services they’ll love.

In other words, media brands have realized that managing customer data is the next big challenge and that data management will be vital for creating compelling experiences online for their readers.

The DMP is the key to offering website visitors content tailored to their interests, as well as to allowing advertisers to create segments or groups to target their campaigns. It’s an essential technology that publishers and media brands will need in the years ahead. Yet it’s not a question of simply plugging in the DMP and letting it do the work. Running a DMP requires considerable expertise and a dedicated data manager. It’s a transformative technology that changes the way a business is run.

A new age of data management platform

Data on digital behavior gives us a wealth of information about users. This is a fantastic opportunity for publishers and media brands to find out more about their customers and offer them the content that will keep them coming back for more.

Publishers face stiff competition in the digital world as their customers turn to social media and search engines to guide their media choices, rather than going directly to media brands’ websites and apps. However, publishers and media brands have the unique advantage of being able to collect in-depth data about their readers so they can offer them personalized and relevant experiences that they can’t find elsewhere. This is where the DMP comes into its own.

This essential piece of software stores data about readers and works with personalization engines to offer visitors tailored news stories, videos, and other content that addresses their particular interests and passions. This personalized experience will keep readers engaged with the publisher’s sites, hence will stay for longer, and become subscribers.

Key capabilities a DMP gives you

  • Automatically capture data in real-time across all devices, turn your first-party data into an actionable resource
  • Cookie-less identification of users on your own sites and sites you integrate with, for example your advertising customers, independent of the browser and device they use
  • Turn user data into targetable audience segments and allows publishers to create new segments by combining segment criteria
  • Enable publishers to expand their audience by identifying new customers who act like current ones with lookalike modeling
  • Allow you to go from simply tracking data, to start merging everything into one consolidated user profile across all devices, and even off-web to POS and CRM
  • Create highly targeted segments and integrate them with ad servers, SSPs, DFPs, email marketing tools, and more in real-time
  • Expose users to the content most relevant for them and continue the conversation with users across all devices and get immediate action from data, unlocking the revenue potential
  • Increase conversions and grow your digital revenue – with a DMP. Take action on your audience's insight and increase user engagement