Wondering what people really want? I know!

23 May 2017 | By Annbjørg Medhaug

Working at the forefront of technology development, I often find myself surrounded by a growing list of buzzwords; Big Data, Martech, Adtech, Machine Learning, AI, Personalization to mention a few. Irrespective of the buzzword, I think it is safe to say that digital technology is rapidly changing the way organizations do business.

At the core of it all? Data!

Online consumers are less loyal and more demanding than ever before, which makes it vital for organizations to have the capability to translate data into insights about who their customers are and how they behave; their interests, purchasing habits and what drives their behavior. Establishing accurate insights is an important first step. The second step is what makes the difference – personalizing customer experiences based on the acquired insights. Put differently, a digital business needs to show their customers that they know what they want!

Helping our customers realize their digital vision

This is where Cxense comes in, and is what makes being part of the Cxense Onboarding and Professional Services (OPS) team so exciting! We enable digital businesses to combine different types of data to reveal insights about their consumers’ behavior and guiding them on how best to act upon it.

Working in the Cxense OPS team, my job is to make sure that the companies we work with get the necessary support to see past the long list of buzzwords, establish their digital vision and a project plan to get us there. Our job is not only to implement our technology. It is enabling people to think in a new, future looking way customize our project delivery to make sure each customer gets the setup that addresses their unique business goals and requirement.

Test, learn and iterate

Helping our customer utilize their internal industry know-how faster, better and with a more data-driven approach implies that my job is a continuous learning journey. As we help our customers succeed in their domains, I also help building Cxense’s and my own competencies. We test, we learn, we iterate. It’s our way of working, and being data driven is our second nature. We strive to create improvements, drive change together with our customers, and to become trusted advisors and business partners with long lasting working relationships.


Sound like fun? Join us!

If you are  reading this and thinking; “Yes, that’s me! This is the type of business consultant I want to be!” Reach out – we are always looking for talented people to join our team.

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