“Thanks to Cxense, our teams were able to work together seamlessly to collect data, set strategies and test them in record time.”

Carlos Dutra

Scrum Master, Gazeta Online

How Brazilian publisher Gazeta Online grew subscriptions by 105%...

...and prepared for Brazil’s new privacy laws simultaneously


For almost a year now, Brazilian publisher Gazeta Online has been using Cxense to deliver personalized content and messages to inspire more readers to register and subscribe. By expanding its first-party data set significantly, Gazeta Online is betting that when cookies get (even more) complicated, their partners will pay for premium, privacy-compliant advertising.

With this strategy, Gazeta Online is preparing for Brazil’s own data privacy regulations, set to go into effect in 2020 already. After that, their substantial audience —3.3 million users in Espirito Santo, pop. 3.97 million—will fall under regulations similar to GDPR in Europe.


The publisher already had a hard paywall in place, but to implement the new approach they would need a dynamic solution. And while average audience metrics were fine for sales collateral, the team at Gazeta wanted to understand how different kinds of visitors really engaged with their content. They began by dividing their audience into three segments: light users, medium users, and heavy users. Then they laid out a strategy to boost page views among fly-by users while pushing medium and heavy users closer to conversion without losing them to an inflexible paywall.

Gazeta Online had been using Cxense’s personalized content recommendations since 2013 and has seen significant engagements boost over time. To implement the new strategy, the publisher decided to level up with Cxense and a five-person has been able to implement full platform consisting of Cxense DMP and Conversion Engine in just 20 days.

105 %
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A tiered strategy pays off

Using Cxense DMP, the publisher can now segment its audience and serve targeted messaging while the Cxense Insight dashboard allows them to analyze real-time results. But the solution that made the biggest difference was Cxense Conversion Engine, a technology that allowed the tech team to create a fully personalized experience and dynamic paywall. Conversion Engine serves and A/B tests conversion messages and recommended content to Gazeta Online’s different reader segments at pivotal points in their consumption journey.

Fly-by users, for example, could be directed to trending topics – breaking news, short entertainment briefs and other content readily available on other sites. Medium and heavy users, however, were different animals altogether. Medium users drive a substantial amount of page views, and it was important to maintain that traffic. To do so, the team allowed medium users to see five free articles before prompting them to register, at which point they would be allowed to see 10 more stories. The hope is that medium users will continue to consume the average 15 stories per month while whetting the appetite for a subscription with a taste of premium content. Heavy users, by contrast, would be pushed aggressively toward conversion. The technology team is applying Conversion Engine’s propensity modeling to that challenge, scoring individual readers according to 60 attributes, then gating content accordingly. 

“Thanks to Cxense, our teams were able to work together seamlessly to collect data, set strategies and test them in record time. Now we can enter a new era of privacy regulation, confident that we can use our data in a profitable, compliant way”, Dutra said.



  • “In a sense, GDPR gave us the gift of foresight. We saw what was coming and knew we had limited time to determine which tactics and technologies would put us ahead.”

    Carlos Dutra
    Scrum Master, Gazeta Online