“Sunnmørsposten is now able to price their targeted advertising products 30% higher than ordinary products; in addition to removing the need for rebating.”

How Sunnmørsposten employed user data to deliver targeted advertising to their customers

Using real-time data to increase audience engagement


Sunnmørsposten is a Norwegian regional newspaper, published by its parent company, Polaris Media, which owns 30 regional publications. 


Sunnmørsposten aimed to continue their growth through developing user profiles and deliver targeted advertising with the help of gathering user data. Sunnmørsposten wanted to create a more personalized and interactive experience for their readers.

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Optimizing results based on real-time data and refining targeted messaging

Serving the most relevant ads to the right users at the right time

Solutions & Results

Sunnmørsposten tapped into Cxense Analytics and Cxense Advertising to drive their approach on data-driven advertising. With the help of Cxense solutions, Sunnmørsposten was able to overcome challenges of data analysis, management and application. 

With Cxense Analytics and Cxense Advertising, Sunnmørsposten was able to work on gathering and analyzing audience data to create specific user profiles and segments.

Audience data enabled Sunnmørsposten to optimize target ads and promotions based on user preferences; from user intent, demographics, location, device and more. Additionally, the real-time data allowed the targeting to be more refined to suit specific audiences.

Results were monitored in real-time and Sunnmørsposten was able to appeal to relevant audiences where outcomes were constantly optimized with to improve results. Data was captured with Cxense solutions and engagement levels measured accurately.

Click through rates with Cxense Solutions showed significant results, with +100% CTR compared with untargeted ads and +45% CTR compared with the average response to comparable ad placements.

Using data collected and analyzed, Sunnmørsposten was able to implement several campaigns with increased relevance and audience engagement, delivering targeted ads to the right users, at the right time.