“iTromsø is able to collect extensive first party user data and act on that data to better engage their readers.”

Håvard Kvalheim,

Head of Big Data, Polaris Media ASA

Norway’s first fully personalized mobile news site

Increasing user engagement on a mobile homepage through personalization


iTromsø is a Norwegian daily newspaper, published by Polaris Media, with a history dating back to 1898 and has grown to be North Norway’s fourth largest in circulation.


iTromsø wanted to increase user engagement from the moment a user visited, which was usually from their homepage. By creating a personalized experience from the homepage, users would be more likely to stay and be engaged better with the content on the news site.  

28 %
15 %

User-friendly personalization for a seamless user experience

Acting on data to better engage with iTromsø’s readers online

Solutions & Results

Through Cxense Solution, iTromsø was able to use their audience data and use it to create a personalized user experience. Collecting extensive 1st party user data was essential towards iTromsø being able to fully personalize their mobile news site.

Users are offered content recommendations based upon trend, personal preferences and/or users similar to them. 

The results showed that personalization contributed to significantly stronger growth rates in both unique visitors and pageviews in comparison to news sites Polaria Media Nord-Norge after launching their personalized mobile news site.


The insightful data resulted in longer time spent on the mobile homepage of iTromsø, with an increase of 28% of users staying there. It also led to a 15% increase in time spent on reading recommended articles, without any changes made on the article pages itself.

Users do not require logins to access personalization on iTromsø and can turn off personalization at any time. With the help of Cxense Solution, iTromsø was able to create a seamless user experience increasing user engagement.