“The Cxense solution offers many possibilities as we aim to provide the best customer experience in print and digital. We will use these solutions effectively to achieve our ‘customer-first’ approach.”

Shigetaka Yamanaka, Hearst Fujingaho

Digital Development Department, General Manager

Premium publisher Hearst Fujingaho improves circulation rate and page views with Cxense DMP

How Japan’s leading publisher achieved proven results online for their media sites


A pioneer in Japan’s publishing industry, Hearst Fujingaho is a leading premium publisher with an established history dating back to 1905, when it began publishing “Fujingaho”, the oldest women’s magazine which continues to published today.

In addition to magazine publications, in 1996 Hearst Fujingaho also introduced “ELLE online”, the first fashion website in Japan dedicated to women. Since then, Hearst Fujingaho has focused on the growth of its online media business and expanding audience reach through its website, social media and e-commerce.

A key aspect of online growth was set against KPIs which included circulation rate, page views and ROI/sales contribution. Improving these KPIs was driven through the use of website analysis and recommendations.


In order to expand on digital development, Shigetaka Yamanaka, Hearst Fujingaho’s Digital Development Department General Manager, highlighted the importance of giving the media sites a boost suggesting “Improving customer satisfaction is key to achieve our KPIs. For this purpose, we must be able to cleanly export a variety of data and information that exists within the company. To maximize the potential, we needed tools that let us offer personalized recommendations and experiences to people visiting our sites, based on each user’s preference.”

The company was on the look out for the right data management platform (DMP) to implement its operations and wanted one that was specifically tailored to the needs of publishers. 

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The Cxense DMP for publishers

Offering personalized user content experiences

Solutions & Results

Cxense solutions offered the answer to Yamanaka’s needs. In September 2014, Hearst Fujingaho started using the Cxense DMP and employed the use of its recommendation tools, enabling most relevant content offered for each user. “As the tool let us use the space at the end of the article on the publisher site, it became possible to lead our audience to our websites and e-commerce sites without competing with existing advertisements.”

The results gathered from using Cxense DMP quickly led to approval from the top management. It opened the door to the Cxense Insight tag being set up on December 2014 and the Cxense solution being applied across all website domains in January 2015. 

Cxense DMP made it possible for the company to deliver an enhanced shopping experience on its e-commerce site and offered relevant editorial content for its users. Opportunities were also made possible for monetization to be set through setting up ad spaces crossing multiple media.


Hearst Fujingaho saw results which showed “the improvement of the circulation rate and an increase in pageviews.” Customers were able to be given unique recommendations relevant for them with the use of Cxense Solution. Whilst some recommendation solutions take up to two weeks for design and logic changes, Cxense was able to offer the opportunity for immediate user interface changes in real-time, on the fly.

For future prospects, Hearst Fujingaho foresees expanding their audience reach through targeting users with profiles similar to loyal customers in external advertisement networks or web surveys based on data collated.