Personalization makes marketing more relevant than ever

Harness the power of big data and increase conversions by delivering campaigns that convert


Track all your prospect and customer interactions online and aggregate them in an actionable data layer. Make your next campaign easier, more relevant and more effective. Personalization will get those results.


Tap into the real-time wants and needs of your prospects and customers by monitoring their online behavior. Then use this data to effectively target like-minded groups or even individual visitors with tailored content that will resonate.


Achieve meaningful interactions with customers new and old using rich visitor data that is both automated and optimized. Delivering seamless real-time interactions across all devices and channels will significantly increase your conversion rate.


Responsive, high-performing campaigns – every time

Personalization will help marketers boost conversion rates, build more effective campaigns, and will supercharge engagement with prospects


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Why are we better?

We make 1:1 customer engagement a reality making your customers happy and increasing your revenue

Understand your prospects

Cxense has one of the market's most sophisticated algorithms for content analysis. Search-based technology with contextual understanding of users, content, and products is the only way to true personalization.

Cross-device, 1:1 engagement

As social media channels are becoming the main platforms for customers and prospects to access content, you need to offer personalized recommendations across numerous devices and platforms to deliver what customers want and keep them coming back for more.  

Increase conversion rates

We help you optimize every unique customer interaction to maximize your ability to convert them to your desired goals: increased AOV, frequency of purchase, loyalty subscription, deal engagement, and social sharing.

Data layer

A simple to use, effective data layer is crucial. But so is managing and appending it. Data exchanges between external companies can also improve the value of your own segments. We’ll quickly strengthen your first-party data with second and third-party data.