Professional Services & Consulting

We provide you with ongoing consultancy, campaign management, and execution best practice so you can build a sustainable digital business model

We surface your opportunities in digital
to drive revenue

Our experience with some of the world’s most notable brands enables us to help you build a digital business model

Define realistic objectives

Cxense Professional Services assists you with a broad range of challenges. Typical objectives we work towards are increasing user loyalty, ad revenues, paid content revenues, content optimization, dashboard optimization, and segment building. 

Strategic and operational alignment

While big data automation opens up a world of opportunities, not all media companies are able to change strategy in to realize the benefits. We consult on strategy, measurable objectives and roadmap actions so that ready senior management for the change needed to succeed.

Data strategy and gathering

While big data is on everyone’s minds these days, not everyone knows how to handle data. Our consulting enables you to understand what data to gather and how, what data is available from where, and what data that, based on best practice experience, should be gathered and actioned.


Segmentation process and best practices

At the heart of user-centered big data strategies is segmentation and personalization but it requires skills and experience to segment users into valuable groups. We deliver DMP segments, personalization advice and processes for continuous improvement.

Ensure data-driven decision-making

Few media companies actually employ data-driven decisions. We understand the data that’s valuable to each member of the organization, so that employees can take action. We deliver advice, training and workspaces that are customized to various parts of the organization.


Project management and in-project training

Expanded and in-project training ensure that lessons are learnt from real-life situations, and using data becomes second nature. We offer project management where we lead customers through a continuous improvement cycle, leading to better results and improved skillsets.


  • “iTromsø is able to collect extensive first party user data and act on that data to better engage their readers.”

    Håvard Kvalheim, Head of Big Data, Polaris Media