The real-time travel agent

Turn your site and apps into real-time travel agents with deep user insight to drive conversions, build brand loyalty, and deliver the most relevant content and offers based on customer context

Today’s travelers want a unique experience tailored to their preferences that build out a truly personalized itinerary. A better experience can lead to a better bottom-line for travel organizations. As brands look to create a seamless, personal and connected experience, understanding your customers via data and insight is crucial. 

Travel brands need to layer data layer with actionable user insight to personalize the user experience, drive engagement, and build targeted promotions that drive conversions, but are faced with a number of challenges:

  • Generic user experiences and weak loyalty thanks to little or no personalization.  
  • No real understanding of users. There’s little or no anonymous user behavioural data.
  • Poor use of content to engage your prospects and turn them into repeat shoppers.
  • Lack of relevant recommendations means low user engagement, a lower conversion rate, and no up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.
  • Poorly converting promotions. Inability to select and deliver the right promotion or sale offer to grow revenue and protect margins.
  • Big data challenges. You don’t know the value of your own data and you can’t utilize big data in a way that lets you drive digital revenue.  


How can we help?

Understand every traveler 

To deliver a personalized experience, you need a deep understanding of your individual users. Businesses must gather data in real-time, from a variety of sources such as websites, mobile apps, CRM, ERP, CMS, and analytics systems. A semantic analysis of content allows you to analyze and understand the meaning of the content your users are engaging with – and from that you can start to deliver what they want.

Act on data and insights in real-time

The goal? Turn unknown visitors into prospects, and prospects into customers. Deep insight into the user and their behaviour, such as how and when they like to be communicated with, enables you to tailor the conversion funnel. With deep insight, you can target advertising campaigns and subscription offers to the user at the time they’re most likely to convert.  

Create a one-to-one multi-device customer journey

Travel brands need to collect behavioural user data from their own properties. A Cxense tag, deployed across your network, will start to collect event data so that the you can start to get information about the individual user across all channels. Travel brands should also onboard offline records, such as data from a CRM system, bring it into the DMP and match it to the online user identities.  

Conversion funnel optimization

When users visit your page for the first time, you will know little about them so it’s vital to start using the data you have right away. It's about how to action your data in real-time and append it with data from other sources to make it unique. What use is it to know everything that you need to know if you can't use it in real time to deliver a personalized experience to the customer?