2 ways the new "Recent" recommendation mode works for publishers and eCommerce retailers

08 Dec 2016 | By Adam Walhout

We've introduced a new "recent" recommendation mode in Cxense Content, which allows you to display recently viewed content or recent actions performed on your site.   

So, how does this help publishers and ecommerce retailers?  

1. For publishers

With the "recent" recommendation mode, you can boost recently published or viewed articles as part of the recommendation "recipe" to drive reader engagement.

2. For eCommerce retailers

In retail and ecommerce, the new mode can help users find their way back to products they've looked at before and have now decided to buy.  It also works with actions, so you can show products that were recently purchased or added to a wishlist.

Recently viewed items in Cxense demo shop

You can use the new "Recent" recommendation mode when setting up widgets using the advanced content configuration editor in Cxense Content.

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