4 new ways Cxense makes it easier for developers to create personalized mobile experiences

06 Dec 2016 | By Adam Walhout

We probably don't have to tell you that your users demand a personalized user experience across all platforms, especially mobile.  We've been hard at work on four new mobile improvements under the hood of the Cxense platform to help you techies delight your mobile users.


#1: ATS support on iOS SDK

ATS stands for App Transport Security.  ATS enforces best practices in the secure connections between an app and its backend. ATS prevents accidental disclosure, provides secure default behavior, and is easy to adopt; it's also on by default in iOS 9 and OS X v10.11. App developers should adopt ATS as soon as possible, regardless of whether you’re creating a new app or updating an existing one.

ATS support will be a mandatory starting Jan 2017. Any application pushed to the AppStore review process will be rejected if it doesn't support ATS, or without a good reason not to.

Customers that want to use our SDKs in their applications must include latest versions of our SDKs to their projects.


#2: Support for Cocoapods for iOS developers

Cocoapods is one of the popular dependency management systems in the iOS / macOS development space. It makes it easier to use third party libraries and frameworks and allows customers to use the latest versions of our SDKs automatically.  Key benefits include:

  • It eases SDKs installation process. No manual operations needed.
  • It makes our customer use latest versions of our SDKs.
  • Project dependency management happened automatically.

If you already have a project that uses Cocoapods then you'll need to add one line to Cocoapods configuration to have our SDK installed. All our SDKs are available from the Cxense customer portal and also from the Cocoapods web site. 


#3. Support for iOS 10 for Cxense Video

Apple made a significant change to video playback with iOS 10.  While previous versions of iOS required use of the embedded iOS video player, the iPhone now supports inline video.  The latest release of Cxense Video’s MetaPlayer now takes advantage of inline playback, both for content and advertisements. This is a platform release and customers don’t need to do anything to take advantage of the new functionality.


#4. Update of mobile brands recognized for Asia Pacific region

Cxense has added support for detection of additional mobile brands, including: Amazon, BQ, Lenovo, OnePlus, Vodafone, Xiaomi, OPPO, AIS, True, Alcatel, Meizu, iZoom, Vivo, Smartfren, i-mobile, Wiko, Infinix and DTAC.

Mobile brand detection happens automatically through the Cxense script tag, providing more detailed mobile analytics and enabling precise mobile segments for ad targeting or personalization.  These brands are now visible inside the Cxense Insight filter pane as well as within the Cxense DMP segment builder.


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