The 5 golden rules for a magical atmosphere at the Cxense Samara office

23 Aug 2017 | By Anna Nekozyreva

When you work in Human Resources in Russia, you often hear the popular phrase: “It’s all about the people.”  If you can look past the cliché, this expression is actually a very good characterization of the unique attitude we have towards our colleagues in the Cxense Samara office.

During my career, I’ve worked in companies where employees were expected to simply perform a function for 12-18 months. I’ve worked in companies where employees’ interests took a backseat to those of the executive management. It goes without saying that those who worked at these companies were too often forgotten.  

“Just good enough” isn’t good enough

Unfortunately, this attitude that “no individual is irreplaceable” is common business practice in Russia. That’s why, when I became HR Director at Cxense in Samara, I was impressed by the company’s values and positive attitude toward its people. Every day, we try to treat every employee as they are: our most important asset, and the key contributors to our success. We do our best to make everyone’s stay in the office — often more than 8 hours per day — as comfortable as possible. We believe that the place where someone spends the majority of their time shouldn’t be just good enough; it should be excellent.

And it’s not all about comfy chairs and free coffee; it’s all about the atmosphere.


5 golden rules for a magical atmosphere

Creating the right working atmosphere is a magical process. We’ve spent a lot of time making sure that no matter where and when — whether at meetings, at their desk or by the coffee machine — our employees feel at home.  Here are the 5 golden rules we ask every new Cxense employee to follow to help us maintain a great atmosphere:

  1. Creativity loves silence: All phones should be set to vibrate.
  2. We’re all on a first name basis (which isn’t always the case in Russia).
  3. In doubt? Ask! No questions are stupid, and all questions get an answer.
  4. Ideas are always welcome. We’re always seeking to improve everything from QA processes to how we purchase office supplies.
  5. We all belong to one big family. Act accordingly.

All in all, we sincerely love and appreciate each and every one of our colleagues. And when it comes to hiring new teammates, we put passion, respect, honesty and decency at the top of the list.

Want to work in a magical atmosphere? Join us!

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