5 ways online video can increase user engagement and drive website traffic

18 Jan 2017 | By Tom Wilde

Discover how publishers can use video and audio to increase user engagement and drive website traffic, and why personalization is essential to this approach.

Rich media is a digital content format that goes way beyond text and images. First used in digital advertising, the concept of rich media has grown to include any online experience that’s interactive and engaging. This includes video, audio, podcasts, interactive infographics, quizzes and other immersive forms of content.

In the US, rich media spending is expected to increase by 36.4% in 2016, and video spending by 28.5%. The internet is becoming overcrowded with rich media content, so publishers need to create an effective personalization strategy to capture their audience’s attention. Rich media is most powerful when it’s tailored to the individual needs and interests of each user.

In this slideshare, we explore 5 ways publishers can use rich media to stand out from the crowd, drive website traffic, and better engage with their users.

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