Cxense: Big in Japan!

30 Nov 2016 | By Camilla G. Moen

We were pleased to welcome Finansavisen – Norway's leading financial newspaper – to our Cxense Tokyo office last week.  And this week, we were even happier to read a great story about how Cxense is one of the few Norwegian technology companies that have made it "big" in Japan!

Going for gold in 2020

Over 350 websites and more than 30 publishing, retail and eCommerce companies in Japan are running Cxense technolgy to deliver personalized experiences to their users. Our General Manager in Tokyo, Ryoichi Egawa told Finansavisen that we plan to triple our yearly turnover in Japan to 120 million Norwegian kroner (about 14 million USD) by the time Tokyo hosts the Olympics in 2020.  An ambitous goal for sure, but still much more likely than the Norwegian men's football team winning the gold medal in Tokyo.

Egawa-san credits Cxense's success to great customer service and a special Norwegian sensitivty to Japanese culture.

Cxense Japan is doing especially well in retail and eCommerce, serving companies including Lawson Fresh, AEON and Nissen. Lawson Fresh, a major grocery chain, saw an increase of 150% in anonymous users converting to customers, and a 30 times increase in products shown to the average user after working with Cxense.

Congratulations to our team in Japan for a great story, and for doing an awesome job for Cxense!