Cxense Chief Product Officer Tom Wilde on the opportunities video brings for publishers

03 Feb 2017 | By Tom Wilde
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“Video brings together sight, sound and motion to create the most compelling storytelling format available on the web.”

Online video and podcasts are opening up new opportunities for publishers and brands to engage their audiences and attract fans.

Consumers engage more deeply with video than they do with the static content of written articles and images. Video is helping publishers monetize their web presence and boost the time visitors spend on their websites.

On the advertising side, rich media – digital advertising which uses video and audio to interact with consumers – has become a powerful way of making online content pay and for creating intriguing promotions that users actively choose to watch.

“Video’s monetization is between 10 and 20 times higher than that of display ads within an article, so there is a strong financial incentive for publishers to create video content.”

Over the past decade, video and rich media have been the fastest growing types of content on the web. Traditional news and magazine publishers have scored successes with their online video strategies and are even giving the established broadcasters a run for their money in this area.

But success with video and rich media is about delivering relevant experiences to users at the right time and in the right context. With video production significantly more expensive than text, how do you ensure your content is easily discovered to generate an ROI on your content investments?

Personalization helps your content find its audience

In the previous era of search, users would invest the time to input keywords to find relevant content. With the era of social and mobile, the approach is inverted. Now content has to find its audience. Visitors often click through to a page on a publisher’s website from a link on Facebook, Twitter or another social media platform. They’ll be attracted by a video reel, or maybe a viral video.

The publisher’s task is to keep those visitors on the website for as long as possible so they don’t bounce straight back to the social network that referred them. Video can attract one-off visitors through the viral effect. The good news is that video can also keep those visitors exploring the website and engaging with its content.

If publishers can persuade fly-by visitors to watch just one more video, that will significantly boost traffic, increase user engagement and stretch the time users spend on the site. Real-time personalization makes this happen.  Publishers need to recommend further videos that match the mood, the interests and the situation of each visitor. This is a job for big data – correlating information about users and their context with the videos that are most likely to interest them at that moment.

By analyzing the content of each published video, Cxense creates a video “fingerprint” detailing the video contents. This fingerprint then contributes to the behavioral profile of a user, enabling Cxense’s real time personalization to select and present a set of videos most likely to engage a user, delivering increases in viewing time by as much as 90%.

With brands redirecting their TV advertising budgets onto the web, more video and audio advertising inventory quickly translates into revenue for the publisher as the demand for premium inventory continues to outpace supply. This is a golden opportunity for online publishers to create videos and recommendations that attract audiences and translate personalized content into bottom line profits.


  • Readers engage more deeply with video than they do with the static content of written articles and photography
  • Success with video and rich media is about delivering relevant experiences to users at the right time and in the right context
  • To do that, publishers must be able to personalize the experience readers have with rich media
  • The challenge is to turn personalized content into profit and increase reader acquisition, retention, and loyalty

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