Cxense partners with Teknologihuset to support the growing Norwegian tech community

24 Nov 2016 | By Camilla G. Moen

We're pleased to announce that Cxense has joined over 80 Norwegian and international technology companies as a member and sponsor of Teknologihuset: a popular gathering place for Norway's growing tech community.

Rooted in the Norwegian tech scene's spirit of community and volunteerism, Teknologihuset provides a venue for more than 55 technology communities. Teknologihuset is run on the principal that the income earned by hiring out the venue to sponsors in the daytime funds a free meeting place for communities in the evening. With meetups almost every night of the week, Teknologihuset has played host to over 13,000 current and aspiring tech experts since 2013.

We're thrilled to support the Norwegian technology community and can't wait to host our first Cxense meetup at Teknologihuset some time soon!

Cxense sponsors Teknologihuset