Cxense in Sports: Digitizing the NBA’s Content Delivery

27 Jan 2017 | By Tom Wilde

This past Friday the Sports Video Group posted a great article covering an important digital transformation of the NBA’s content store, and at Cxense we're enormously proud of being a strategic partner to the NBA (National Basketball Association) Content Network.  

Like many major sports media enterprises, the NBA produces a massive amount of daily digital content, especially during the season.  Tweets, photos, articles, videos and more are produced across the NBA’s vast content sources – from NBA headquarters and out to all the NBA venues on each and every game night.  The NBA has been extremely forward-looking in their digital content supply chain, including wiring all of the venues such that rich media content can be shot, edited, tagged and transmitted to Secaucus, New Jersey where they need to make it available to their many downstream partners as quickly as possible. 


"We have built a B2B portal that is basically the content storefront of the NBA,” explains Chris Halton, VP, Media and Distribution Technology, NBA. “The NBA Content Network was created to satisfy the insatiable appetite our fans have all over the world. We deal with partners that reach fans in over 215 countries and territories, and they want the various content that we have available so they can then service fans around the world."



Delivering a steady stream of high-value rich media content 

The NBA Content Network portal allows league partners to access content they have rights to and preview other content for purchase.

To create the Content Network, the NBA had to overcome several key challenges that mapped perfectly to Cxense’s advanced content capabilities.  As part of our acquisition of Ramp’s media business in 2015, Cxense added advanced capabilities to ingest audio, video and image content and create rich, normalized metadata content profiles. This enables the creation of richly indexed content feeds that can be used to repackage content using our advanced semantic and natural language processing capabilities.  

With this approach, the NBA is able to take the dozens of content feeds they have access to, create a normalized data structure for content tagging for things like player names, teams, and key plays, and then enable the packaging of this content for distribution.  The Content Network has removed a tremendous amount of manual work that had previously made the distribution of valuable content a high friction activity.  Now NBA content partners are able to select the packages they want and get a steady stream of high value rich media content, which extends the NBA’s content footprint globally through all of their partners.
With Cxense, publishers and broadcasters are able to approach their content as a high value asset that can be rapidly curated and leveraged to create new streams of revenue and deliver what their customers want.


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