On-Demand Webinar: 5 top tips for increasing your digital revenues with personalization

01 Nov 2016 | By Adam Walhout

Join Cxense Chief Product Officer Tom Wilde for this recorded webinar and discover how personalization can help you meet the demands of your readers and boost your digital revenue.

Publishers already have many of the ingredients they need to exceed their readers' expectations, they just need a few tips on how to harness their user data to increase engagement. Knowing what your readers want and when they want it can give you the biggest competitive edge in 2017. 

What can you expect to learn? 

  • The future trends in personalization; where it becomes a strategy, not just a technology
  • How to personalize a cross platform experience
  • How to take control of your audience data
  • How to let go of some editorial control while boosting subscriptions


Watch the recorded webinar now