The future of personalization in publishing

21 Mar 2017 | By Adam Walhout

Publishers are brilliant storytellers, but their business model is rapidly changing as media goes digital. How can they adapt? Personalization is the key to creating value and driving digital revenue for media brands: It's the post powerful way to boost engagement, drive value for your content and make sure your readers keep returning to your site for the great customer experience that only you can offer them.

In this 3 minute video, Petteri Vainikka (VP Strategic Business Development) and Vigleik Takle (COO) discuss what the future holds for personalization in the publishing industry.


Discover how to build a better business model with the help of personalization. Download The Future of Personalization in Publishing: How to maximize the value of your content and create a sustainable digital business model.

The Future of Personalization in Publishing