Hey hacker, want to go on a date?

18 Oct 2016 | By Camilla G. Moen

Here at Cxense, the mood is excited and a tad nervous as we prepare to host our first speed dating event next week. Will they like us? Will we run out of pizza? Will they be able to pronounce our company name? (it’s see-sense).

Cxense is a Norwegian born, global SaaS company delivering innovative, world class personalization solutions, and we’re looking forward to hosting the Oslo HackerX Full Stack event on Tuesday, October 25th. This is a by-invitation-only, speed-dating recruiting event for top notch programmers looking to make a difference with data. If you’re into data science, front end development, or find Node.js to be exciting and believe that JavaScript is poised to take over the world, then we want to date you – and if all goes well, maybe put a ring on it. 

Cxense is a rapidly growing technology organization with a vision to understand and deliver what users want, in real-time and at the individual level. This exposes our engineers to many interesting and challenging problems ranging from large scale data processing, real time system design, machine learning and statistics to effective visualization and reporting. We currently deliver personalization solutions to some of the biggest publishers in the world, and our journey has just begun… If you’re intrigued and have a practical “can do” attitude, where the end goal is always to have a working solution with real-world impact then come for a date next week.

Contact HackerX today to get an invite, or review our current job openings here.