If we build it, they will come: Cxense is 7 years old today!

10 Feb 2017 | By Camilla G. Moen

We’re thrilled to announce that Cxense is celebrating a birthday today — finally reaching the magic number 7!  This matches the number of official measurements in the International System of Units, the number of major stars in the Big Dipper constellation and the periods on the periodic table of elements, to name a few other notable sevens. 

It’s been a fun, challenging and rewarding journey so far! Before we cut the cake and pop the champagne, we wanted to share some highlights with you from the past 7 years.

2010: If we build it, they will come

In true early 2000’s fashion, we kicked things off under the mixed-case company name cXense with offices in Oslo and Melbourne.  Full focus was on building version 1.0 of our first products — Cxense (sorry, cXense) Advertising and Cxense Analytics.  Wasting no time, we also opened offices in US and Japan later in the year.

The Cxense Oslo team celebrating Christmas 2011

2011: Sell, sell, sell

The products evolved, the team grew and then it was all about sell, sell, sell.  We brought on our first customer in the beginning of the year, and as the months went by lots of new customers and showed that we can deliver real value.  We extended our product portfolio too, launching Cxense Search and Cxense Content, and started our Latin America office in beautiful Buenos Aires. 

2012: It’s all about scalability

This year was all about helping our customers get successfully live and scaling with their Cxense solutions. We started to build a team of expert client onboarders to work in tight cooperation with our customers, and rolled all the valuable the feedback into making our products even better.

2013: New family members

Now that we had learned how to develop innovative products, sell them and help our customers to realize value from using them, it was time to grow the Cxense family.  We added Emediate — essentially doubling our market reach — and added Cxense Display to our product portfolio.  Not stopping there, we also expanded into Southeast Asia with a new Singapore office.

2014: Going public

After rounding off our SaaS product suite with the Cxense Data Management Platform (DMP), we listed Cxense on the Oslo Stock Exchange in July (OSE: CXENSE). As the year went on, our focus was on aligning the organization for strong growth towards profitability. 

2015: The Cxense family grows again

In 2015 it was time to grow the Cxense family once more.  We acquired Maxifier with their innovative digital ad campaign optimization solution (not to mention a great team of super-smart developers in Samara, Russia), and added video and audio personalization capabilities to the Cxense offering by bringing Ramp Media from Boston into the family. 

2016: Telling the world

Last year, it was time to invest in telling the world about Cxense personalization solutions. We grew our Product Management and Marketing team, adding new people in Oslo, Boston and NYC, launched a new website and blog and started connecting with new and existing contacts using digital channels. 

2017: The sky’s the limit

Wow! It’s been 7 years already. We’ve moved beyond being a geeky startup and firmly into growth mode (OK we’re still a bit geeky), we have over 180 super-smart people (and are growing fast) and hundreds of customers doing amazing things with Cxense solutions.

It’s been a wild ride, and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring for Cxense and our customers around the world.


Celebrations at Cxense Japan in Tokyo

Hipp Hurra at Cxense Oslo


Woo hoo at Cxense New York.


Party time at Cxense Boston!


с днем рождения in Samara, Russia!