Peer-to-Peer Data highlighted as key theme at Ringier Axel Springer owned Media Impact Polska’s ‘Impact Day’

16 Oct 2017 | By Violetta Zaichikova

On September 6. 2017, Cxense delivered a keynote on Peer-to-Peer Data, the foundation for a next generation data exchange ecosystem emphasizing transparency and quality over opaque 3rd party audience reach.

“The evolution and growth of programmatic markets relies on two intertwined developments; one focused on inventory quality, and the other on targeting and optimization data,” said Petteri Vainikka, Cxense SVP of Strategic Business Development. “We see Peer-to-Peer Data Marketplaces as an imperative for improved quality and transparency of data across the entire programmatic ecosystem” he continues.

GDPR - alongside generally heightened consumer privacy and data protection awareness - is equally favouring the on-boarding and activation of publishers’ and marketers’ own 1st party data assets over the reliance on 3rd party data. Once actionable in publisher’s or marketer’s own 1st Party DMP, audience data can be used cross-channel for own campaigns, as well as licensed privately and securely to selected peers - resulting in so-called 2nd Party audience data.

“Increased marketer awareness about quality constraints in current 3rd party data supply, advances in programmatic ecosystem maturity, and GDPR are all contributing to what we consider a very healthy development for the data and programmatic markets at large” Vainikka notes. “Everyone benefits from transparency and better quality data, of course none more so that the marketer herself,” he concludes.