A refreshing experience meeting Computer Science students at the University of Oslo

13 Mar 2017 | By Rolf Michelsen

In a busy everyday, taking an afternoon "off" to go and meet with students is a refreshing experience.

Last Tuesday, André, Andreas, Brian, Erik, Karoline, Magnus and I got a chance to meet with close to 50 students from the University of Oslo’s IFI department – short for the department of Computer Science’s Norwegian name: "Institutt for Informatikk".

We'd invited the students along to a company presentation about Cxense and the opportunities for working on world-leading technology for real-time analysis of massive data volumes. And along they came; forward learning and inquisitive with great questions in hand. Afterwards it was the age-old (but still very pleasant) pizza and beer mingling session, where the students got to interact with our team one-on-one to drill further into how our technology really works and inquire about job openings.

One of the students sent me an email the next stay, thanking me for the session and commenting on how refreshing it was to hear from a company who actually creates proprietary technology solutions used on 1.7 billion devices globally, based out of little Oslo. I had to agree, it was a refreshing afternoon indeed.

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