Talking data and personalization with masters students in Trondheim

01 Mar 2017 | By Camilla G. Moen

Did you know that the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim is the alma mater for many Cxense team members, including managers in our R&D, Professional Services and Executive teams?

To celebrate our roots, we frequently collaborate with NTNU on research projects and visit campus for guest lectures and company presentations.

A captive audience: Cxense company presentation at NTNU (March 2016)

Last week one of our Technical Leads, Simon Lia-Jonassen, held a guest lecture for a class of 4th year master students in the course TDT4215 Web Intelligence. He touched on many interesting topics such as:

  • Entity recognition
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Classification
  • Audience modelling
  • Collaborative filtering
  • Recommendations
  • Personalization

In addition, he stressed the reality for us at Cxense: the huge amounts of heterogeneous data we are able to process in real-time, securely and reliably — across the entire planet. As opposed to the theoretical foundation, our goal is not to optimize a number in a benchmark, but to help our customers to succeed by making sure they have access to the right metrics, tools and practices.

We hope that our experience and insight will inspire students in their future careers.

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