Three ways to drive video (and audio) engagement with Cxense Video

25 May 2016 | By Adam Walhout



A few months have passed since we acquired online video specialists Ramp Media. We’ve been hard at work with our new Ramp colleagues, and we’re excited to update you on Cxense Video.  Read on to learn how video is transforming the Internet, and discover the three key video challenges Cxense Video solves for publishers and broadcasters.


Video is transforming the Internet

The Internet has been transformed by the growth of online video over the past decade.  Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have brought television to the Web, and traditional broadcasters and publishers have answered the challenge by developing compelling online video offerings to complement their existing revenue streams.  In addition, the ascent of the mobile phone as consumers’ primary computing device means that new requirements and opportunities for online video emerge every day.  Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have joined YouTube as video juggernauts.

Cxense Video: Making video valuable

Cxense Video brings Cxense’s deep capabilities around real time analytics, first party data management and personalization to online video. While the early days of online video were focused on the “plumbing” challenges (storage, transcoding, hosting and streaming), the next generation of online video solutions must now focus on making video valuable.  With video typically monetizing at 5-10X the rates of comparable display ads, publishers and broadcasters are scrambling to create more inventory to meet the huge demand as the billions of broadcast advertising dollars move online.  Cxense Video is focused on driving more consumption, engagement and monetization of video for our global customers.

It’s also worth mentioning that all Cxense Video features can be applied to audio content as well.  With the rise of mobile phones, podcasting and audio streaming has seen explosive growth with new revenue opportunities.  Cxense customers like Entercom Radio and SiriusXM deliver powerful search and discovery experiences to their users across huge catalogs of audio content.


Three ways you can maximize the value of video with Cxense

In 2016, Cxense Video will address key important challenges facing publishers and broadcasters:

#1: Video search and discovery

When we acquired Ramp, we brought over a dozen new capabilities on board. Cxense Video can look inside video content, creating timecoded tags and transcripts that make it instantly more searchable.  Now, all of Cxense’s powerful semantic analysis of articles and web pages can be applied to video.  Customers like the Golf Channel, Fox Sports, and Fitness Magazine can now help their users quickly and accurately discover relevant video content — translating directly into increased video advertising opportunities.

#2: Video personalization

As more and more online experiences have become personalized, our customers have been asking for solutions to bring video into their personalized digital experiences across desktop, mobile, and now “over the top” subscription television.  With Cxense Video, publishers, broadcasters and marketers are able to leverage Cxense’s deep capabilities around real time user data to deliver video recommendations and personalization, combining our new video search and video publishing to maximize user engagement.  Customers like NBC, Better Homes & Gardens, and Grupo Clarin are driving monthly gains in key video engagement goals.

#3: Video analytics and data management

Cxense’s unique solutions for real-time analytics and first party data management will be coming to Cxense Video in mid-2016. You’ll be able to view key video metrics in real time from Cxense Insight, including trending, video completion and abandonment rates, video interaction rates and more. Cxense DMP will get a major upgrade with new video audience segments and connections to major video advertising exchanges. And with better audience characterization, publishers and broadcasters will be able to monetize the videos even more effectively.