Why we’re hiring OWLs to fill key jobs around the world

11 May 2017 | By Camilla G. Moen


All the way back to Greek mythology, the owl has been a symbol of intelligence. Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, is often represented by the owl. Today, the bird’s enormous eyes contribute to the widespread belief that this is a creature that knows more than it’s letting on.

As a tech company that helps online businesses use their data to create personalized experiences, Cxense recognizes that the combined wisdom of our team is our greatest asset. We’re in hiring mode right now, with job openings in multiple departments and locations around the world. From positions in sales to research and development, we’re looking for a few good OWLs.

Here’s what we mean by that term:

O is for “over and above.” Cxense OWLs do whatever it takes to accomplish important goals and projects. They’re keen to share their skills with peers and customers.

W is for “wizards.” We want to bring on innovators who push the boundaries of what is in pursuit of what could be – whether that’s on a small or broad scale.

L is for “leading the cheer.” Positivity, passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and they are key ingredients to success. We want to work with colleagues who lead the cheer, both in terms of celebrating our shared wins and creating good will among the people they work with.

Our recent OWLs

The ideal of the OWL is something we’ve been talking about a lot internally, and last year we started recognizing the wise creatures on our staff based on employee nominations from across the company. Some of our OWLs include these folks:

  • Erica is a force of pure energy in Cxense’s Boston office. A Senior Sales Engineer, she rallies the local troops by leading energetic lunch-and-learn sessions, and she’s a tireless, passionate advocate for Cxense. Our customers and prospects feel that energy from Erica, and her colleagues say it’s a privilege to work with her.
  • In our Oslo office, Simon is an R&D wizard who brings a pragmatic approach to problem-solving. Working and testing day and night, weekday and weekend, delving into the darkest most magical corners of our technology core to fix challenges that arise.
  • Over in Buenos Aires, Gabriel’s big personality (and his strong sales pipeline) fires up his team and peers. Like any wise Cxense OWL, he brings people together with his belief that the people at Cxense are creating technology that can change the marketplace.

And you? Are you our next OWL?

Cxense is looking for OWLs to join our Sales and Customer Success teams, as well as our Professional Development and Research & Development teams. If you think you have what it takes to deliver what people want, connect with us about career opportunities at Cxense.

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