About Cxense ASA

Cxense unlocks the power of data so that our clients can build personal, profitable customer relationships. Our Data Management Platform (DMP) with Intelligent Personalization helps 200 leading publishers and marketers across the globe transform their data into their most valuable resource and action it in real-time. Benefits include increased revenues and customer loyalty. Cxense Conversion Engine empowers our clients to monetize insight into their customers’ behavior and preferences in order to grow subscriptions. Our solutions serve ~7000 websites and interact with around 2 billion devices each quarter. Cxense is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and has offices in Norway, the US, Japan, Russia, Germany, and Argentina.

Investor Relations Information

Communication with shareholders, potential investors and analysts, both in Norway and abroad, is a priority for Cxense ASA. The company’s objective is to ensure that financial markets have sufficient information about the company to be certain that share price reflects the underlying values. 

Cxense ASA arranges regular presentations in Norway and abroad, in addition to holding meetings with investors and analysts. Important events affecting the company are reported immediately.

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Investor Relations Contact:
Jørgen Evjen
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: +47 92 80 40 14
Email: ir@cxense.com